For more info or to register for a course, telephone 480-759-4844 (toll-free 866-367-8764) Add your name to our e-mail list instructors are the most talented FileMaker trainers in the world. Here's what some of our students have to say about us.

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"Jerry mixes the style of a professional sushi-huckster with the wit of an Australian Wallaby. His classes guarantee that everybody comes out knowing more than when they went in."

Brian Ball ISO Productions, Inc., Livermore, CA

"This class took me from ground zero to a level that I feel comfortable trying almost anything."

Joyce Robinson Michigan State University
Source: Introduction to FileMaker Pro Development

"I really appreciate the manner and style with which you teach. The class atmosphere is relaxed but focused. I highly recommend your instruction to anyone who wants to really understand FileMaker Pro and be able to use its powerful features."

Stan Gavin LAMMICO, Baton Rouge, LA
Source: Scriptology 101 class

"Great Hands-on & Light Bulb Popping!"

Michael Otto Lockheed-Martin, Moffett Field, CA
Source: Relational Database Design 1 class

"I’m hoping to take additional training given by Jerry. He’s very enthusiastic about this topic and finds great ways to express his point!"

Jeannette Harper California Dept of Transportation, Sacramento, CA
Source: Relational Database Design 1 class

"Almost as good as beer"

Adam Fitting Triumph Brewing, Princeton, NJ
Source: Scriptology 101 class

"Save yourself the headaches of learning by trial and error; these guys have been through the pitfalls and can help take your development skills to the next level."

Tony Mireles National Association of Music Merchants, Carlsbad, CA
Source: Multi-User Design class

"The seminar provided many wonderful insights into interface design issues. I recommend it to anyone who develops FileMaker Pro databases for others."

Vince Lackner The Lackner Group, Pittsburgh, PA
Source: Interface Design Master Class

"Far exceeds the printed information about server issues available in any manuals."

Stephen Huston Data ex Machina
Source: DB Administration class

"This is an excellent class that all Network/FileMaker Administrators who are running FileMaker on their servers should attend."

Connie Nance Hill Air Force Base
Source: DB Administration class

"The laid-back style and humor of the instructors was refreshing and gave the class an informal feel. This in turn made the educational experience more successful. "

Thor Ringler
Source: Multi-User Design class

"If you want to get started publishing your FileMaker database, this class should be your first stop. You could spend weeks reading manuals and straining your eyes trying to figure this out on your own."

Jeff Pagano TAEUS, Colorado Springs, CO
Source: Web Publishing class

"Excellent opportunity for feedback and advice by world class faculty."

Ric Arseneau, MD St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Source: Design Master Class

"One of the best learning experiences I've had for some time. I liked working on REAL stuff and seeing other people's REAL stuff. Meeting and sharing with other people was very valuable and encouraging for me."

Florence Ross, RN United Nurses of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
Source: Design Master Class

"Hands-on is definitely the best way to go. Entertaining, informative, and packed with tips/shortcuts/methods that make designing databases so much easier on the developer and more productive for the user."

Terri McCullough Buckeye Local School District, Rayland, OH
Source: Relational Database Design class

"Exactly what I needed to help me with my work. Expanded my FileMaker knowledge greatly. I can put everything I learned to use right away."

Reade Adams Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN

"This program is the most useful training program I have attended."

McIntyre Bridges, Jr., MD Bridges To Beauty, Shreveport, LA
Source: Stairway to Seven class

"This class provided an excellent overview of 7.0 - well worth the time, money and travel."

Carol Ann Taylor Dynamac, Kennedy Space Center, FL
Source: Stairway to Seven class

"Jerry's animated teaching methods and presentation increased my learning curve ten-fold and has taken the pain away from the process of learning FileMaker on my own!"

Alice Aguilar Desktop Assistance, Flagstaff, AZ
Source: Relational Database Design 1 class

"I don't recall a single question that could not be answered by one of you off the top of your head. I would highly recommend any class you offered."

Bruce Littrell NPC, Nashville, TN
Source: Scriptology class

"This training is unlike any I’ve attended. The instructors mixed in levity with some of the most complex scripting steps I’ve encountered making them both understandable and fun. The new understanding will help me develop far better databases and make them easier to use. A+"

Jim Michels Evansville Courier & Press, Evansville, IN
Source: Scriptology class

"This class is well worth the time even if you think you already know everything about scripting."

Paula Geisik Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
Source: Scriptology 101 class

"Thanks, Jerry, for your flexible and good-humored presentation of this rather dense material. I have a feeling that I learned more in this class than I realize now (my head is spinning!), and will be very excited when I get home and try and tackle some of the problems that stumped me before I took this class."

Jessica Waters PatternKeeper, Langley, WA
Source: Scriptology 101 class

"The Scriptology class is vital if you want to know how to save time and energy and maintain the integrity of your database."

Analizabeth Doan Nogales Public Schools, Nogales, AZ
Source: Scriptology 101 class

"No matter if you are a programmer of a large data base or a small data base; whether you have a lot of knowledge or above average knowledge of FileMaker you can benefit from this class...I would definitely recommend this class for anyone who uses FileMaker."

Connie Nance Hill Air Force Base, Hill AFB, UT
Source: Scriptology 201 class

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